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Why do retail professionals love Contempus?

Contempus helps you set the right price at the right time.

Monitoring Contempus

Monitor your competitor's prices daily.

Contempus is the platform to easily give you insight into prices, product range and promotions of other retailers in your segment.

Analyse Contempus, Pie Chart

Analyse the impact of your own promotions, and those of competitors on your bottom line.

Anticipate and respond immediately.

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Monitoring Contempus

Stay one step ahead of the competition.

Follow the price-evolution of your products at your competitors, and take the right decision based on the most recent information.

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How can you use Contempus' information?


Automatic matching of your products with those of your competitors.


Integration with your own BI system such as Qlikview, Tableau, ...


Easy and well documented API access


E-Mail notification of prijs changes and promotions


Simple Excell Integration


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